Launch Team


Can you hear God calling? Will you answer?

Your talent, resources and skills are needed to help us impact

generations for the Kingdom of God!


















If you feel called to help develop this ministry, we welcome you to join us.  We do not take lightly the heavy commitment of being a part of a church launch team and we are constantly in prayer that God will send people who have a personal calling to use their talents, resources and skills to lay the foundation for another house in the Kingdom of God.  If you are interested in joining our launch team, we would like to meet with you.  Connect with us here. 


If you are considering becoming a part of our launch team and have not yet made a decision, these are ways to help in the meantime:


PRAYER: Pray for the journey ahead of us and pray mightily about your decision to join


PEOPLE: If you know someone looking for a church home, send them our way!  We would love to talk to them.


PROMOTION: If you believe in the work and vision we are trying to accomplish, tell your network to help expand our reach.  When you see a post on Facebook or Twitter, please LIKE and SHARE!  We need your help to get the word out.


PRINCIPLE: Give according to the desire of your heart to help make Legacy Pointe a reality in Cincinnati!  Make a donation today.